Friday, February 25, 2011

Still here

I am still here, just busy with stuff, stuff people do, when they are moms, wives, working full time, and did I say being sick does not help? its true, it does not.

On the bright side, I actually started sketching a few spring/summer styles for BN the other day while waiting for AN and his school bus, and I got this really good idea of a "4pm summer play dress" :-) I made that name up, because it was almost 4pm when the idea hit me, when I looked across the street I could see the wet and empty tot-lot that will be busy with little toddlers in a few weeks. I could see BN playing there in that dress. Watch out for a tutorial and pattern. It's might take a couple of weeks though. I got to catch up on some work-work that I do at home. I know it's terrible that one has to do work-work even at home. But will be back.

Oh, and my mom is flying to the US. She will be here tomorrow! That's great because I see a lot of sewing in front me, with all that time I get while she watches the kiddos :-)

Monday, February 21, 2011

First time out in the sun in 2011, Living room and Presidents day

It was 62 degrees on Friday, School was off for Teachers' Professional day. I couldn't resist taking kiddos outside.

AN was sick, but that didn't stop him from being mad at mom for not letting him take his skateboard or bike out (to my defense, he had 100 degrees fever).

I managed to cheer him up, But still a statue :-)

And I did get to finish my living room make over.
And the mercury is back down at 36 degrees today. So President's day will be celebrated looking at this site:

Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog Header Update

I love the color green. I have always. My wedding Saree was green. If you have noticed, the most prominent color in my blog is green. The green color of a sprouting leaf is very refreshing. 

I've been wanting to re-do the header of my blog with a newest pictures of my children for a long time now. Today, that is D-O-N-E done. I updated the header with better resolution font too.

So this

became this.

This exercise made me realize, I don't take good pictures of my son, just him in the picture, anymore. Not good. I searched and searched and couldn't find a decent one with just him. So glad I realized that now. I will make sure going forward he is going to be so tired posing for me :-)

Sheet Music Bag and.............My Tamron Lens.

Here I showcased the fabric and here is the product. A reversible sheet music, music books bag.

It goes very nice with a Violin :-)

Especially when you go for your music class!

All for my AN.

my Tamron Lens from Dana's giveaway is here. It takes nice pictures. Thank you Dana and BlogHer.

SN is loving it. He is starting the Digital SLR advanced techniques class at the parksystem on Thursday. I will have a dedicated photographer to capture the moments.   

What have I been doing the past 1 week? Here is the menu.

1 Renal Ultrasound
1 Bloodwork
Started 1 bloodpressure medication 

Next week I am going to get:
1 Stress Test
1 Pulmonary function test

So, its kinda down here. I didnt even open the lens box until after 2 nights, a little unusual after jumping and up and down about it here, don't you think? Yeah,  It's that down. But we are picking it up. I AM picking it up. The house is starting to look better. I got the will and courage to post on my blog.

In other news: This fabric combination here will adorn my living room in a few days.

Can't wait to share that.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Morning.

Good Morning!

I found this fabric at Joann yesterday. See, I started working on it already!

The moment I saw it, I knew what I was making. I was determined to get 1/2 a yard of this no matter what the price was, and turned out it was on sale for $4 a yard. Bingo.

Any idea what I am making with this? It's for AN, my son.

My slipcover fabric will be here anyday. I have also started checking out a few hidden zipper/invisible zipper tutorials.

In other news: Last night my BP shot up to 150/100 and had to pay an ER visit. They sent me back asking me to go on medications. Don't want to go down that road, but what do you do!

Be back soon.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going crazy with Bhami dress

 I am going crazy with my Bhami dress. I made another one, this time with gathered sleeves.

Trying to roll that sleeve in.

All done!

But wait, I got another brand new project on hand, in fact two. a) re-upholstering my couch/love seat pillows, cushions b) a traditional wear dress for BN. So I will probably say bye to Bhami dress for a week or two. I can't wait to get back to more Bhami style tops and dresses though, Spring's almost here, at least that's what Staten Island chuck says. Boy! It is such a hard winter this year. 

Till next time.