Monday, October 25, 2010

A weekend in pictures

A weekend of pumpkins and apples at the picking farm. Now I need to figure out recipes to use 12 Lbs of apples we picked.

That was all the fun we had over the weekend. Rest of it was chores + finishing Halloween costumes (yes, I did it!!), so on and so forth.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes, Bats.

So after reading the BATS post over at MADE, I couldn't wait to do this project with AN. Like I said many times before AN loves Halloween dearly. He loves everything about Halloween. He only complains that we don't do enough Halloween stuff at home. So I thought it would be a perfect project. I ran over to Joann at lunch break yesterday and got some black construction paper. Got pretty big sheets, 2 of them for $.49 each. Good enough.

After work, I was taking AN to his Kumon lessons and told him while we were in the car that I had this bats project stuff ready. He was so thrilled, he even asked me if we could go to Kumon after finishing that project. Anyhow, we came back home and started working on the bats. It turned out pretty good. We only used 1 sheet of paper, the rest is due tonight. We stuck some in the living room and some in the outside wall. AN loved it. If only the construction paper was a little thinner, AN couldn't cut it all himself, I helped him along the way. So presenting....Bats!

While AN & I were busy with bats, BN managed to get into AN's Kumon T-shirt he threw in the air after coming home from Kumon (is it just my kids throwing stuff around after school, karate, so on and so forth?). Oh, and she didn't stop there, she managed to get inside the bathroom, get up on the toilet (yes, the toilet cover was down), then get on top of the sink. How intelligent is she? Then she opened the tap, and started playing with water. Hearing the water running, I checked what was going on and I couldn't stop laughing. I had to get the camera and capture this moment.

Costume wise, not much progress. AN's cape is almost finished. Need to attach the Velcro, just learned from my friend that her daughter H who is AN's best friend, is Super Girl this Halloween. Now that's awesome. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The wonderful blogger whose work helps me a lot

You must know her already. She is very famous and active in the blog land. If you are a beginner sewer, or you are experienced but never tried drafting, its a good idea to hop on over to IKATBAG. She has really great tutorials on everything from bags (Oh, I love her bags) to clothes. But what I very often check her site is for the drafting series she and her friend Jen have put together. It's detailed, long, but its worth spending some time reading through all that material. I adjusted a sleeveless jumper pattern to sew BN's super girl top. Thanks to her tips, it turned out wonderfully. 

Now, I've been looking for a tutorial for a tunic/Polo shirt placket for a very long time, that is 1.5 hours, no just kidding, actually for weeks. I searched on Google, but could not find anything clear with plenty of pictures. So after fiddling with 4-5 different ways to create a placket I was successful in creating one, and more importantly repeating that success. So I am ready to write up a tutorial. But not very soon, as you may know I lost 2 weeks of my time to an injury. I have to finish AN's costume, BN's jumpers, and the tunic style Indian Kurta that I am making for AN. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Blues and Super Girl

Every Monday comes with a truck load of new things for me. Unfortunately nothing very exciting. Its mostly work stuff. Only thing that keeps me going is that in 5 days, I am going to get another weekend. Now, thats something to look forward to.

Over the last month I have completed BN's Halloween costume. Yes! Super Girl, DONE! I chose to do BN's costume first because she is a petite girl who takes less than 1 yard for any of her clothing. In case I need to scrap it and re-do, I don't have to cry over the yards of fabric I wasted. AN is not so happy about that. He thinks I love BN more and that is why I make her things first. As a matter of fact I did make his unitard first, but it just didn't come out right, wearable, but it has too much ease. Not good for a unitard, right? For the logo, I used my "home made" super man appliqué pdf found here. I printed the logo in 70% scaling on A4 paper. Cut out the red felt, yellow felt, appliquéd it to the cape and top. Pictures coming very soon.

For most of this stuff I drafted the pattern myself. Now, I am no expert in drafting, but received all help from a wonderful blogger. I will make another post about her work. I am sure you must have already found her.

Happy Monday everybody. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back with a dress, a trip to Pocono Mountains and time to get back to Halloween costumes

I am so excited to getting back to sewing. My arm is feeling much better even though I still have 7 stitches to be removed. I sewed this beautiful dress in 2 hours on Friday. I only had 1/4 yard of this corduroy print left from another project, so I decided to use it wisely with that pink solid I had. I was able to pull it off and the result was this dress. 

I have never done a tie-back dress before, but figured it out and realized, its no-brainer at all. He is a close-up of the bodice.  

Why did I make this dress? For a trip to the Pocono mountains. Ironically I didn't get any good shot of BN in this dress while we were there. 

Beautiful Pocono Mountains is a 2 hour trip from our place. My family was going through some high tides and we needed some time away from home, and it was a long weekend here in the U.S. So off we went. We loved the fall colors and now AN wants us to move to the Poconos! Look at these pictures, who wouldn't want to move there...If only they had more technology jobs up there, but hey, wait, if technology comes in natural beauty would say bye-bye. So I guess you can never have technology and nature together in harmony. AN, sorry! Unless we win mega millions, there is no moving to Poconos in the near future. 

Look at it. It spells HEAVEN

Bumper Boat Ride

Horse back riding

How often you get to be in woods, up on your car's roof rack! Ha. 

Now that everybody is back on their schedules at home, I want to get back to finishing the Halloween costumes, superman & super girl. I can't wait to see AN BN wearing those and having a blast this Halloween. 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week ahead!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Waiting to get better

Still can't use my right arm. My son is losing his confident on me. He doesn't think I will feel better and finish his Halloween costumes on time. Yesterday we were at the Gymboree Outlet and he kept pointing at the doctor and skeleton costumes. I assured him I will be fine soon, he nods his head.

Meanwhile, I have some beautiful pictures of SN & BN we took over the weekend. It was BN's Hindu lunar Calendar birthday. 

He loves to play fire fighter! Loves the thought of emergencies, ambulances, fire etc.

Trust me. she is nothing like that in real. 

Oh, I can't wait to get back to using my right arm. Its so much easier and faster. 

Thanks for stopping by.