Monday, November 22, 2010

Time saving Tech Tips

Good Morning to all.

Ah, Monday again.

I work in the IT field, some of you may know that from my "about me" page. So I want to share a few tips that every IT person knows, which saves time while working with computers. Most of the bloggers out there spend a good amount of time in front of the computers. Some of you may know this, but here is some very basic information anybody who uses the computer should know.

Copy Shortcut

To copy text to your clipboard, highlight the text and hit Control key and C key together. That is usually called "Control C" written as Ctrl+C. I've seen people going to their edit menu to find the Copy option or right clicking to find the copy option. This saves time.

Paste Shortcut

To paste text, Point your cursor to the text area you want it to be in, and hit Control key and V key together. That is usually called "Control V" written as Ctrl+V. I've seen people going to their edit menu to find the Paste option or right clicking to find the Paste option. This saves time too.

Find Shortcut

Lets suppose you are on a web page and you want to jump to an area in the page containing some specific text. To do that, you could go to Edit menu and look for the Find option. Instead you can use Control and F keys together. It's usually called "Control F" written as Ctrl + F. You get the same "Find Window" where you can type in your letters. You can use Ctrl+F on most programs (like Word, Excel, IE, Firebox etc). In some cases, instead of the standard "Find Window", there is a special thingie. You will know when you see it.

Google Cache Option

SO you are looking for that post about princess seams you thought you bookmarked, but you never did actually. You are back googling trying to find it and you see million hits in google. You decide to give it a try and open a few pages to check if it's the one you want. You want to quickly see whats in the page. You know what you can do? In the google search results page, right under the each result there is an option called "Cached". It gives you a screen shot of the actual page. This means, you can see the page without actually going to the website, but simply by going to the screenshot that google has for that page. The bonus? It highlights the keywords in yellow.

I think thats good for today. I will post more tips as I find time...

Have a good day!

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