Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Isn't he the cutest ever?

On our book shelf / console table

Cute, right? 

It's re-purposed from coconut shells. I couldn't believe it. It's so perfect. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Simple Pleasures: Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Image source:   http://www.kiboomu.com/  Coloring page. 

AN is going to be 8 in January. Ever since his friend Caroline lost her first tooth at 6 years old, he's been so embarrassed about not having lost his tooth. Everybody in his 1st grade class in the US lost at least 1 tooth by 1st grade. So go figure. When he started going to 2nd grade here in India, things were not different. 

Soooo...He lost it. He lost his first tooth. And man! was he happy. He started jumping up and down saying, "I am a man...now!!!" So turns out his 2nd grade classroom has a little privilege system. You get to talk to girls only if you've lost at least 1 tooth. So kept on saying "I am in the men's club now!!". It was hilarious to see him with that gap in his face. I couldn't stop laughing. I should have probably taken a picture of him. But at the right moment the battery died. 

Then he moved on to wondering what the Tooth Fairy would bring. He started talking about all kinds of toys. But I intervened and told him Tooth Fairy did not have enough time to go pick up stuff because it was already late into the evening. (Actually it was true, "Tooth Fairy" was already tired and didn't want to stop by the toy store). So we wrapped his tooth in a home made tooth carrier (:-)) and tucked it under his pillow. In the morning, he was so happy to find out that Tooth Fairy left 20 US Dollars and took the tooth! He was  convinced (It's only natural, Tooth Fairy comes from the US and in the middle of the night how can she exchange for Indian Rupee?) and very happy!

I am so glad and extremely grateful to have helped AN through this gracefully. Not a drop of blood. Not a tear from his eyes. Just pure excitement and happiness.

Been sewing. But showcasing my work is what I lack time for now.