Friday, November 19, 2010

How to: 7 minute Fringed Interlock/Fleece Scarf

Like said in the last post, this is a really easy project. It's a scarf! It is so simple that it takes less than 10 minutes for you to make this. It took me exactly 7 minutes! with a regular sewing machine.

If you choose to use two different fabrics then it's a two seam prject, otherwise just one seam and you are done. Because it's so less time consuming you can make it in awesome knit/fleece prints, make a bunch, use it as a fashionable accessory with skinny jeans and boots for youself or make one for your little girl/boy.

A little tip: Joann's Black Friday ad shows $2.99 fleece prints! If you use those, you get this scarf for $1.50!

Want to make one?

7 Minute Easy Interlock knit/fleece scarf - How to:

Minimum Requirements
  1. 1/2 yard of 44'' Interlock Knit/Fleece fabric
  2. Sewing machine, thread, scissors, a scale and any other fancy tools you cannot sew without

Step 1: Prepare and cut Fabric

No cutting required if your fabric is a precut 1/2 yard.  Otherwise cut out 1/2 yard of the fabric you have. If you want to choose two different prints, you know what to do, use 1/4 yard each of the prints.

Note regarding length: For adults you could safely use the full length of the yardage. If you are making for a kid 4 years and less: you may want to decrease the length to 35 or below according to the kid's height. The point is you do not want the scarf to be hanging longer than the jacket when wearing.

Step 2: Fold right sides together lengthwise

Notice that I have my fabric folded lengthwise, right sides together.

Step 3: Sew along the length with 5/8 inch seam allowance (using a triple stretch stich for knits)

Step 4: Turn Right Side out

Now what you get is a long tube. You may choose to top stich at this point. I did not.

Step 5: Fringes
The Scarf is almost ready. If you are making this for a man who does not like fringes you may tuck the raw edges in use a top stitch and be done!. If you want the fringed edges, mark 6 inches from the short edges (on both short edges)

 Step 6: Cut Fringes
1 inch apart from each other cut (5) 1/2 inch  fringes. Do this one the other short side

Step 7: Enjoy your new scarf!

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