Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Better Late than Never

Good morning everybody!

I've been blog hopping and found awesome pictures of Halloween costumes and trick or treatin'. Yes, we also did have a blast at the parades at AN's and BN's schools and our condo community. Unfortunately, I haven’t been feeling good myself. Sunday mid night I got up to a bad sore throat and terrible headaches and body ache. I must have the flu. The worst part is, I can’t eat and I can’t swallow, my sore throat is killing me. SN took the kids to trick or treating as I had already started feeling bad after the parade on Sunday.

That is why I couldn’t post the pictures, and I was thinking this morning, should I post the pictures or not. Remember, I made the costumes for AN & BN. I was very proud of it, being this the first time ever I made the costumes myself. Usually we run to Party city the night before Halloween; stay in crazy lines; get a wrong sized costume because I can’t find the right size and give them a $5 off $20 coupon only to find out its not valid for use with costumes!

OK, now, back to pictures.

AN's school parade

AN & BN at home getting ready to trick or treat

BN was very happy as you can see. It's her first time going out trick or treating.

I have to get back to some serious sewing. Oh, not so fast, when I recover from this flu, I will get back to some serious sewing.

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  1. Those costumes are awesome! Good job. Nice pictures too. Kids look super excited.