Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

So that's over too. The longest holiday weekend of the year. Thanksgiving weekend. We had good food, good friends, and more importantly good family time this weekend.

A good percentage of Americans get a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving while the not so fortunate rest have to work so the above mentioned group can enjoy their weekend. One word. Corporate Greed. I felt bad for Kmart employees when I saw Kmart's TV Ads about them remaining open on Thanksgiving day. I understand why airports, trains, hospitals, buses, drugstores have to keep going, but a national chain super market? I don't know about that.

Over this weekend, I was amazed at the extent the big corporations will go to lure customers. I've seen stores advertising and selling special items designed for Door buster sales on black Friday, stores advertising high ticket items for rock bottom prices with only very few of them "IN STOCK" (yeah, I know they have lots in stock!), so on as so forth. I even saw banners like all bras $15.99 when you buy 3 or more at a Hanes Brand outlet store, Really? Isn't that your regular deal? Please!

That all being said, although I didn't "bust" the store doors or anything like that on Black Friday, I did visit a few stores and the nearby outlet mall to see the truth about deals, doorbusters and such after 6am. I did not find anything to die for, but Children's Place had a good 50% off entire store deal *all day* ( not the ridiculous 4am to 8am thing you see in some places) and I got some stuff from there. I also bought a Cuisinart food processor/blender combo (gift for a friend) from Bed Bath and Beyond. They, as usual did not have any outstanding deals to offer. Most people must already know you should never buy things without their 20% off coupon.

OK, enough of the BF stuff. Between entertaining guests, family, going to parties, I've got a lot of blog catching up to do.

See you soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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