Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can't believe it's already November!

I still feel like the last Christmas was just yesterday. Right around Halloween a couple of weeks back I got an email in my Inbox from BF Ads Webmaster and I was like, huh? and I realized, yes, it's that time of the year! I couldn't believe that it was here already. We all at home felt like the last year just flew by.

So far BF Ads site has the Black Friday fliers of Macy's, Sears, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen's and Lowe's. So what are you looking forward to buy this year during the After Thanksgiving sale? Most people spend on electronics during that time, especially because it's supposed to be cheapest. But not really so. I've bought Hard Drives, DVD burners, cameras etc on Black Friday from Staples with coupons and Rebates and received the stuff practically free. But I know for sure, for some reason, the quality was sub par. For instance the DVD burner I bought from Staples broke in a few months and I went to HP website to get the drive update so I can make it work again. To my surprise the DVD burner I had was not a retail item and was an "OEM". It simply means, it came along with something else and hence has no separate drive update. So now I have to find a new one.

This year we are definitely getting a camcorder for the family. Since it is kind of a big ticket item that runs in the $400-600 range, we will be looking for Black Friday deals. My son AN would love a Wii. SN and I are still confused if we should get it for him or not. If we do, it is going to be yet another thing that we have to discipline him for. Still thinking about it.

Happy Tuesday everybody!

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