Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes, Bats.

So after reading the BATS post over at MADE, I couldn't wait to do this project with AN. Like I said many times before AN loves Halloween dearly. He loves everything about Halloween. He only complains that we don't do enough Halloween stuff at home. So I thought it would be a perfect project. I ran over to Joann at lunch break yesterday and got some black construction paper. Got pretty big sheets, 2 of them for $.49 each. Good enough.

After work, I was taking AN to his Kumon lessons and told him while we were in the car that I had this bats project stuff ready. He was so thrilled, he even asked me if we could go to Kumon after finishing that project. Anyhow, we came back home and started working on the bats. It turned out pretty good. We only used 1 sheet of paper, the rest is due tonight. We stuck some in the living room and some in the outside wall. AN loved it. If only the construction paper was a little thinner, AN couldn't cut it all himself, I helped him along the way. So presenting....Bats!

While AN & I were busy with bats, BN managed to get into AN's Kumon T-shirt he threw in the air after coming home from Kumon (is it just my kids throwing stuff around after school, karate, so on and so forth?). Oh, and she didn't stop there, she managed to get inside the bathroom, get up on the toilet (yes, the toilet cover was down), then get on top of the sink. How intelligent is she? Then she opened the tap, and started playing with water. Hearing the water running, I checked what was going on and I couldn't stop laughing. I had to get the camera and capture this moment.

Costume wise, not much progress. AN's cape is almost finished. Need to attach the Velcro, just learned from my friend that her daughter H who is AN's best friend, is Super Girl this Halloween. Now that's awesome. 

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