Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Blues and Super Girl

Every Monday comes with a truck load of new things for me. Unfortunately nothing very exciting. Its mostly work stuff. Only thing that keeps me going is that in 5 days, I am going to get another weekend. Now, thats something to look forward to.

Over the last month I have completed BN's Halloween costume. Yes! Super Girl, DONE! I chose to do BN's costume first because she is a petite girl who takes less than 1 yard for any of her clothing. In case I need to scrap it and re-do, I don't have to cry over the yards of fabric I wasted. AN is not so happy about that. He thinks I love BN more and that is why I make her things first. As a matter of fact I did make his unitard first, but it just didn't come out right, wearable, but it has too much ease. Not good for a unitard, right? For the logo, I used my "home made" super man appliqué pdf found here. I printed the logo in 70% scaling on A4 paper. Cut out the red felt, yellow felt, appliquéd it to the cape and top. Pictures coming very soon.

For most of this stuff I drafted the pattern myself. Now, I am no expert in drafting, but received all help from a wonderful blogger. I will make another post about her work. I am sure you must have already found her.

Happy Monday everybody. Thanks for stopping by.

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