Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The wonderful blogger whose work helps me a lot

You must know her already. She is very famous and active in the blog land. If you are a beginner sewer, or you are experienced but never tried drafting, its a good idea to hop on over to IKATBAG. She has really great tutorials on everything from bags (Oh, I love her bags) to clothes. But what I very often check her site is for the drafting series she and her friend Jen have put together. It's detailed, long, but its worth spending some time reading through all that material. I adjusted a sleeveless jumper pattern to sew BN's super girl top. Thanks to her tips, it turned out wonderfully. 

Now, I've been looking for a tutorial for a tunic/Polo shirt placket for a very long time, that is 1.5 hours, no just kidding, actually for weeks. I searched on Google, but could not find anything clear with plenty of pictures. So after fiddling with 4-5 different ways to create a placket I was successful in creating one, and more importantly repeating that success. So I am ready to write up a tutorial. But not very soon, as you may know I lost 2 weeks of my time to an injury. I have to finish AN's costume, BN's jumpers, and the tunic style Indian Kurta that I am making for AN. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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