Monday, August 23, 2010

New fabric in the mail!

I got fabric in the mail. Woohoooo…………

Let me start with my favorite. Here is the Amy Butler Belle Eyelashes fabric. I love all of her creations. But usually my budget is not as mighty as the price of these wonderful fabrics. So I couldn’t resist when I saw this on for $3.98 clearance (Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I don’t know what to do this. Should I make something to wear for BN or just make something for myself? A top may be? Tunic? What would YOU make with a yard of this?

Now here are three different prints from Fandingo. I am going to make a dress for BN with Print 3. That’s what I know now.  As my imagination goes wild, I will find some use for the other ones. Aw..That Print 3 is just so pretty, as I look more and more at it, I am falling more and more for it. It feels super soft; all are 100% cotton too.

    Print 1
   Print 2
    Print 3

Next two are these super cute Kaufman courdroy. These are very soft, light weight courdroy. Perfect for fall, winter, and spring. I definitely know what I am making with these. Two fall/winter dresses for my daughter BN. I will probably go with a jumper with thin straps, so she could use it for atleast 6-9 months. Would you use a contrast trim for either of these?

Last but not the least is this beautiful polka dots print from South Sea imports. I am a big fan of polka dots. So is SN. That is one thing we can agree on 100% J  It’s 100% cotton. Feels heavenly soft!  This will also end up as a dress for BN.

I feel so bad for AN. I gotta go out there and find some boyish fabric and make him something. None of the fabric I received today are boyish. The truth is I am very afraid that it won't turn out right. I am pretty confident when it comes to girl clothes. With boy clothes I am not so sure. But I sew them anyway.

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