Friday, August 27, 2010

A crazy week

I've had a crazy time at work this week. When does it end? Sometimes I just feel like quitting my job. I don't get to do anything other than work and chores during the week days. If week days are little chore days, weekends are big time doing chores! I know it's not just me. Millions of people like me get up, get ready, get kids ready, go to work, come back home, cook dinner, may be watch some TV and go to bed. This is the picture every day. Every single day!. Are we living life to the fullest or living just for the sake of living? 

I always imagine how life would be if I hadn't been working fulltime. I like to think that I will be home sending AN off to school, taking my time to chat with other moms (and not rushing away to get to work!), coming back home to send SN off to work with a smile, taking BN to tot lot, give her lunch, while she naps sew some awesome stuff (don't know what I will be sewing!), cook dinner, clean the house, launder clothes, when BN wakes up, may be go to the library! Be at the bus stop way before AN's school bus starts from school :-) and so on and so forth. 

I know none of the above mentioned things may not be exactly like pictured above. I am sure there will be a lot of yelling and stressing out involved. But if I learned one thing raising AN, it's that, despite AN being a real cry-baby until around 3 years old, I only remember the beautiful things and how good he was at several things. None of the colic, not-eating, frequent infections, waking-up-100-times-a-night seem to be such a big deal anymore. BN is such a drama queen now. She tries to pull all the drama out there on me, SN and AN. But I know 2 years from now, we will look back and only remember her cute way of saying "dawggie..." whenever she sees a four legged animal, we will only remember her excitement when she sees me after a long day at the day care/with sitter, we will only remember how she nags AN to play with her, we will only remember how cute and innocent her face looks when she wakes up in the morning... None of the drama, rolling on the carpet to get her way, would seem unacceptable anymore. 

All that being said, living in the present time is still hard, when life revolves around work. You could swear that you are not going to yell when AN does not listen and keeps staring at the TV, yet, when it's past 8:29am and you gotta get out of home by 8:30am, you lose it (especially when when clock is ticking and putting all that pressure on you!)

Even though, life's busy, I promise I am going to sew something this week. I have an idea in my mind. Depends on how the things I am going to make with that idea turn out, I am going to put that tutorial out there. It will be my first tutorial. Can't wait. 


  1. I love your blog! I share your frustration as a working mother who would love to spend more time with family and on other creative stuff. Thus, I find your blog very therapeutic. Its really inspired me to start blogging as well. Keep it up!


  2. Thanks Ama! That's great! Looking out for your blog.