Friday, August 6, 2010

Cute Cats Jumper Dress

Good Morning to my readers! Here is a picture of a dress I made for my daughter.

I call it the "Cute Cats" Dress

I got all my inspiration for this dress from IKAT BAG's winter dress tutorial. Thank you Lier for creating this awesome tutorial, did I say aweeeeesome? That 2 year old bodice pattern is just what I wanted. I made it using a light weight corduroy fabric from Joann. I started out with plans to exactly replicate Lier's tutorial, but due to my very limited experience with cutting fabric, I made an error and had to cut for the bodice and skirt separately. Then I had to invent a way to bind them together with minimal damage to the overall look. 

Here is an action shot of my daughter BN

Isn't she cute?. Being the little sister of a 6 year old, BN's very interested in everything his'. She wants everything that he's interested in, to her he is a super hero. Look at her, she is holding one of the guys from her big brother's truck set :-) Oops.. That bunny's underpants are almost falling. Well, BN is sleeping now, I need to post this, so I have to just go with this picture. Pardon the appearance of the bunny :-) 


  1. Heyyyyyyy! I'm so thrilled that you've started a new blog! And I get to be the first commentor on this post! That dress turned out really nice and the cats are so cute! Very nice "save" on the separated bodice-skirt thing with the trim strip in the middle- yay.

    Children climbing all over me now so must go. But wanted to come visit and say hello and thank you quick before the madness of the day begins. All the best with your new blog!

  2. Thank you Lier, your comment means so much to me.