Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School Shopping and what IS the deal with private schools around here?

Has anybody out there completed back to school shopping? 

I am yet to begin! I am waiting for the prices on Lands End website to go down. I love the professional look of their clothes, accessories et cetera. I love Gymboree clothes as well. As a new seamstress shouldn't I be sewing clothes for AN? Ha, well. I can't sew real good looking clothes for him yet. Trousers and Knit/Pique polos require, in my opinion, at least advanced intermediate skills in sewing and a bunch of confidence. Although I do have the confidence, I am just worried my son is going to look like homeless or just like Ugly Betty said - a garage sale (I love that show! Too bad they snapped it!). 

My son is not going to some fancy private school, but what mommy doesn't want her child to look nice and sharp, especially when he/she goes to school. I don't want him to be wearing clothes or accessories slapped with characters! 

There is a fancy private school very close to our house-really-very close! You can see it from your patio close! They have a very "nominal" fee of $20,000 for the 9 months of academic service for the first graders. My jaws dropped when I saw the fees. But I do have to say that the school looks so good. 60 Acre (wow!) campus, Perfectly manicured lawns, A huge play ground, Nice 1 or 2 story buildings, Security Guard, Cameras and what not. With uncontrollable lust I applied for a scholarship and received $4,000 for AN. Concluding this is an overkill and we'd rather use the money for AN's college (too sour grapes) we decided to enroll AN in the local public school. I really didn't want to spend the money on mowing the fancy school's lawns. I would rather spend it on dine-out! But the downside is every time I get out of the house, I see the above mentioned features of that school with a sigh..... Haa...

I don't remember if I told you. I would love to hear what you have to say! This is my first attempt in blogging, and I don't even know if I am doing it right. Will you please be kind enough to share your thoughts with me? No? 

Now? May be?  

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