Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tote Bags for AN's teachers and Bubblegum jumper dress

I know I shouldnt be thinking of making anything but finishing up the baby gifts I had planned. But a) I think I have OCD (that's my excuse) and b) the babies are not due until September. On Saturday I had to go to Joann and get some nice fabric for a couple of tote bags for my son AN's teachers. He will be leaving his pre-school/day care/summer camp for real grade school in September (yayyyyy.... on a second thought, hmmmmm..) and we wanted to thank his teacher and the assistant. They have been really nice to AN, encouraging him, guiding him and supporting him this last year. 

There are a gazillion tote tutorials in the Internet. I did have a pretty good idea of the anatomy of a tote bag, I took down some notes from around gazillion tutorials and went shopping for fabric. I got 100% cotton twill in khaki color and a beautiful Heidi grace premium cotton fabric for lining. I made one with pocket and another with no pocket but larger. I don't have decent pictures of it, but I will take some tonight and post those. Either way I so wanted to post this and share my excitement, because of my - you know - OCD. Here is a picture. And YA...it's reversible.

In other news, AN, BN, SN and myself enjoyed a pretty good trip to Six Flags. Although AN is almost 7 he was too scared to get on the Batman ride and other sick-to-your-stomach-after-riding roller coasters. BN was let's just say - nice. She is an almost 2 year old. You cannot expect a lot of good behaviour from her. We spent most of our time in the Wiggles World and the Bugs Bunny park. Mid-month is always busy at work billing customers, compiling statistics and the like. Bored yet? Well, I am stopping here, I was justifying the absence of proper pictures of the things I made. 

Next in my project list is a bubble gum jumper dress for a friend's daughter as a birthday gift. I have made it for BN before, it turned out very cute and perfect. The tutorial is for a 4 year old and my friend's daughter is turning 4, so I will exactly follow the tutorial measurements. Less than 4 days left until the party, and gotta get started! 

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