Monday, August 23, 2010

Presenting the pending pictures

Wow! Time flies. It's Monday again. 

I finished the dress for my friend AS's daughter H just in time for the party on Saturday. I used the Heidi Grace Premium fabric. I still have a yard of that left after 2 tote bags and this dress out of the 4 yards I bought. Anyhow, sewing during the weekdays is the hardest. Between work, kids, swimming lessons, Kumon, cooking and all other bells and whistles, it is rather impossible finding time to sew, except of course if you can sew during week nights. With me, that's pretty much possible, it's just that the next morning is always expecting me to get up as usual at 6:30, go to work at 7:50 and the life does not make it any easier for me because I had to stay up last night and sew! Hence I never do that. 

OK, so for the above mentioned reasons, I completed this project in steps. I cut the fabric as per the tutorial here on Monday. On Tuesday I finished the straps, Wednesday the chest piece, Thursday finished the skirt piece and on Friday I assembled the dress. Saturday morning, I did the buttons and buttonholes. Here is the end result! 

I made the skirt piece less twirly to give it a fall/winter look. The party was just so incredible. With everybody singing and dancing, (A visit from Dora too), it was pure fun! AS promised to take an action shot of H and send it to me. Can't wait to see!


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