Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome to My Blog!

I am a mom to two wonderful kids, a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. They are everything in the world to me. This blog is largely about them, and my recently acquired (or have I yet?) appetite for sewing clothes for them.

It all started when I came across this book, "My forever dress". I was looking for books for my 6 year old who started reading on his own at 3 years (touch wood!!) . Although this wasn't exactly a book for him, I absolutely loved the idea. Now I like to give my children ever lasting memories about their childhood and I thought I ought to try sewing. 

Having had no one (absolutely no one ) in my family with sewing skills, it was a challenge for me finding it in me. To my advantage, I could clearly remember that I was the only one in my family of 4 siblings, all girls, to have any crafty skills. Anyhow I asked my husband -who nods YES to whatever I ask because it's easier that way (Is it just him or do all husbands think that way?, let me know.)- if I could get a sewing machine. He said Yes!! (Well I expected that). OK, I ordered Brother CS6000i from I got the machine (and there's a little funny story about that, let me know if anybody likes to hear that, I will tell ya.) and some fabric from Joann and started making clothes. To every single piece of clothing I made in the past two month, give credit to the wonderful bloggers out there, who take the time and effort to put the tutorials out there for people like me. I have a whole lot of blogs on my Google Reader for a while now. My favorite bloggers are: 

This is only the top 3 of my favorites, there are a whole lot of others too. 

I will start posting on kids, my sewing success stories and failures, my husband's photography and my little adventures with cooking as well.

Stay Tuned, more to come soon. 

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  1. Very interesting. What's life without a little passion. You never know what your real passion in life is unless you try it. Thanks for the inspiration.