Monday, August 9, 2010

Why I need a serger?

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time trying to sew with knits. I tried all the tutorials out there, everybody in my favorite blog list has tutorials/post about knits. I referenced most of the books about sewing with knits at my local library too. It must be something wrong with my machine (on a side note, it could be me :-) ). Mine is a brother CS6000i. It's supposed to do good, but it eats my knit fabric. I tried interlocks and jersey, with no luck. Now I am stuck to sewing wovens.

Well, thats not too bad. Yes, I am able to sew a lot of things for my daughter with Woven fabric. But hey - look who's standing there, sad, who thinks I love my daughter more? That's my son. I did make him a cape, and a tote successfully so he doesn't feel left out. But, boy! the sewing options for a beginner like me with Woven fabric for boys are so limited. You take anything simple for a boy, there will be some kind of knit there. 

I heard there is this wonderful machine called a Serger machine, that can do all kinds of tricks with fabrics, like cutting and seaming at the same time. My role models out there (check out the blog list below to see who is in the list) recommend sewing knits with a Serger. Well, that's why I need a Serger machine. I can make things for my dear son successfully and I can explore the wonderful world of knits for my daughter. 

There is only one teeny weeny problem with a serger. It's expensive, *really* expensive, the cheapest one runs in the $250 range and you know the thing with cheapest things in the market. So I am entering this post for Sew Mama Sew's win a Serger contest. I hope I win! If I don't I have to keep on hunting for a good used one. Either way, I want to, need to, would love to have a serger. My life would certainly be easier as I would stop *trying* to sew with knits and actually start sewing, my son will definitely be happy and me? I will be in cloud 9. 


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