Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Days of our lives

...are somewhat alike. Then again there are some days that are held truly close to our heart, unique in its own ways. Today is one of those days. Today is the anniversary of the day SN and I joined together in marriage many years ago.

So...... as a token of his love, he gifted me this. A Kindle.

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I love reading books. If only I had more time to. Now that we are leaving the US pretty soon, one thing I am going to terribly miss is being able to go to my library here and indulge in books, especially children's books. I love the little short stories for children. So this is going to be one useful device.

In other news, I never realized sewing is going to take such a hit after we decided to R2I. The fact of the matter is, we are overwhelmed with moving stuff like getting a job, getting a house/apartment set up, oh man. I so much want to get some spring'y dresses for BN done, I will target for this week. Be back. Hopefully!

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