Thursday, October 20, 2011

Then she took it out...of the closet.

So when I left the US 3 months back, I brought along a couple of friends. 

The one in the front is the new Serger that I didn't unpack until a few weeks back. He is such a sport. Made this in his company.

And look at those seams.... 

I am surprised at the difference in finishing quality with Sergers. I've always thought I could pull it off with zig zag stitches, I still can do, but nothing like this. This is sooooo good. 

I've got a major project in hands now. A beetroot costume, that's right. My son's going to be a beetroot at the school science fair. Other kids are doing science projects and my son gets to greet a beetroot costume. Is that supposed to be an insult or a good thing? I don't know. But I am just glad that I have a dress-up project for him right around Halloween.

Can't wait to show you my ideas....I said ideas...not real projects :-)

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