Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dressapalooza - Dress 2 - Silk-O-Fun dress

Here is the second dress of the Dressapalooza series. 
I call it the Silk-O-Fun dress. 

It is actually a variant of traditional Indian garb - "Pattu Pavada" which looks like this below. 


I was sure my daughter wouldn't be able to successfully pull off the traditional look because:

a) She is 3 years old and has a protruding tummy (so typical of very young girls) which causes either a slipping skirt  or a rolled up shirt with running around
b) Sewing a tailored top like the above means you wont be able to use it more than 6 months, especially with very young girl
c) Too lazy to do the top and skirt separately

So I came up with this idea of making a classic gathered dress variation of Indian Pattu Pavadi. 

But the coolest part is, I have never ever seen this variation, ever! So if you see one, please let me know. But I think I nailed it :-) Seems like I did something on this kind of silky fabric that nobody tried before. Man, I feel like I need to copyright this thing. Something like this? :-) 

Oh, well. Go ahead, make it. 

After all imitation is the biggest form of flattery. So if you make it, please ...please send a link so I can just, you know, look at your version and feel good. :-)

Anyhow BN rocked in it. Unfortunately I don't have a decent picture of her in it. 

Alrighty. Recently I have something in my mind, like quilts!!


  1. It's very pretty! I love the colors and the drape on the front... :)
    I've just started a link party devoted to projects inspired by pinterest.
    Very Pinteresting Party

    I'd love for you to come by and check it out!

  2. What a beautiful, little dress and I agree, she'll get more use out of this outfit, than a tailored top. The pleats are an effective way to give fullness to the skirt. I would love for you to share this (and any other dresses) at our ongoing linky, that's just for girls' dresses...

  3. What a beautiful dress! I have a piece of fabric that I have a vision for to make a little dress similar to this one. I'm pinning this and will now also subscribe to your blog. If I ever do get around to making the dress I'll share the photos with you, but I don't have a little girl yet, just the fabric, so it keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the o-do list!

  4. love it. do let me know where you buy the materials needed for your sewing from? i stay in tvm

  5. Good try and I think it came out really right.You really need a copyright 'coz noone had ever made this kind of pattu apavada. All the best for your other creations. For other kinds check Ethnic wear for baby girl