Monday, January 31, 2011

Mad Science Party - Part 2

In part-1 here, I talked about the decorations (and short how-to's for those) we had at AN's 7th birthday Mad Science party. As our guests arrived, could see that everybody was really enjoying the lab coat and funny nerd glasses.

And here is "Professor Z" from Mad Science getting ready for awesome and kooky experiments.

AN with his friends

Everybody listening to Professor Z so closely

"Professor Z" actually sent 10,000 Volts onto a plate

And, the rainbow glasses

Some serious scientist talk :-) What are they discussing about?

and the finale, the slime! Can't do without that

Pizzas toooo!

And the mad science Cake, 100% My design :-) Oh,no, I did not draw that on cake, I created the image and sent to Wegmans, they used my design to make that Edible picture! :-)
Mad Science Cake
And, One happy birthday boy! Priceless!

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