Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coming up next..........and Mad Science

I've been busy. The latest venture is organizing a Mad Scientist party for AN. You know, AN isn't exactly into Science experiements, not yet, but he is very curious, he wants to know things, and always loves when we explain and he actually gets it. Over the years SN and I have been transformed into boring working parents and we consider our computer technology jobs as just bread money, no passion, nothing. We have long forgotten our Engineering background and all Science we learned. Trust me, we spent so many ours learning electrons, protons, neutrons and their lively world that it is a shame that we are not using any of the knowledge we gained now.

Anywhooooooo....I figured, the party will be a good exposure to him and he will get to know how cool science can be (kids love only "cule" things, why? should be added to the Tell Me Why series books). If only I knew there were ZERO science themed stuff in stores, before I planned it. Party City has all things Lady Gaga, but not a single thing related to Science. So what was I going to do with a Mad Scientist party theme. Well I had to use my own ideas. It IS indeed a Science Party after all, isn't it?

Tips on Mad science themed party ware, decorations, activities, food will be posted after the event :-) Gotta keep it a secret, hope Julian Assange does not leak it!

But I have a very very exciting project coming up very soon, Pictures and sewing are all done. It is so cute and super easy. Here is a sneak peek.

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