Thursday, September 9, 2010

Actions shots! Finally!

OK, I finally got to try the new Jasmine dress on BN. I've never been this confident when creating a piece of wearable. Usually I have to measure every time I finish a seam :-) This time around, I finished the whole dress, placed buttons and all that final touch ups and waited 6 days (SIX DAYS!) to try it on BN. Want to know how did it go? Well...hmmm....It was peeeeeerfect! I couldn't find any thing wrong with it at all (And, I do look for faults I am telling ya, did I mention I have OCD - not medically confirmed, but I am sure I do have it!) I was just so happy! Here are some action shots. 

AN & BN 

I swear, I didn't ask her to hold that book and pose for a picture. 

Sigh...Now on to the next project.... Still have some very cute fabric left. 

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  1. So cute! I miss making little dresses. And just a side note...those little red shoes just make me smile!