Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back in business!

My "Brother" started behaving good now. We had all the plans to take him apart and fix him, but may be the threatening worked. There is this one little thing I did, which, I think may have fixed the issue. I changed from the 75/11 Universal needle that Singer makes to the 75/11 Universal needle that Schmetz makes. It started working like a charm. Lesson learned? Will never buy Singer universal needles.

OK, I will very complete all the tutorials and projects I am working on and post here. But I have to finish the Karate costume for Saturday's Karate class. I have completed the pants, and part of the top. Need to finish the sleeves, the belt and neckline. Will be done with everything soon, and I will get some time to do things useful for eveybody, like tutorials!.

Thanks for stopping by!

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