Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A fresh start to 18 years of education

Today my son AN started the school, 1st grade at the local public school. He started going to day care centers when he was 1.5 years old, he has switched 6 schools since then, so this is going to be his very first real school experience. My husband and I are both very happy for him, at the same time, wondering what he will turn out to be 16-18 years from now? It is indeed very hard to absorb that he is out there and a lot of people are involved in shaping him to be the person he will be in 18 years. 

I remember when I was his age and until I went off to college, every single year day before the first day of school I would wait for my father to come home with handful of new stuff for school. My son? He doesn't care what new things he gets! He is interested in seeing if I buy a new toy for him. He is into toys too much. But he doesn't have nor does he want any thing fancy. All he needs is a bunch of little lego blocks and he can play all day long and he will go to bed with that, wake up in the morning, again play with those blocks. 

I've never considered buying him anything "cool" like Wii or Nintendo or PS. I have a feeling, he will become overly obsessed with it, and disciplining him will be hard. But at the same time, I think we should probably get him one of those anyway. We will see...

Anywhooooooooo....Today is THE DAY to the rest of his school life. I hope and pray he does real good in school. Can't wait to hear from him this afternoon!

Thank you for stoppping by. Have a wonderful day today. 

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