Friday, September 3, 2010

FINISHED: Jasmine Gathered Jumper dress with Pin tucks

Yes! After 5 nights of 5-10 minute work each, I've completed the Pin tuck Jumper dress with Fandingo flowers fabric from Paintbrush studios for BN. I dearly call it Jasmine Gathered Jumper dress with Pin tucks. Do I sound like Gymboree :-) I can't help it! I have yet to try it on BN. For those who are curious to know which pattern I used- I didnt use any patterns,traced my daughter's existing jumper and *designed* those pin tucks myself!  

Here are a few more views. Look at those buttons! My son AN chose those colors :-) He was thrilled when I approved his choices!

I loved the way it turned out. I still have a few more important projects to complete. Oh, and I made a drawstring backpack for AN. He was very happy to see me make something for him. At this moment, it's in my Sienna, otherwise I could have taken a picture to post it here. Will do that some other time!

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