Sunday, September 12, 2010

A brave step

Has everybody started thinking about costumes for Halloween yet? My son has. He has started thinking what he wants to be for 2010 Halloween since 2009 Halloween evening. Thats how much he loves Halloween. This year AN wants to be Superman. And guess what, he wants mommy to make the costume! I confidently told him, of course I will, although the thoughts of making a wearable for him was giving me butterflies in my stomach. I didnt show a thing. I said, Superman it IS. And even worse, I said, BN is going to be Super-girl.

What have I gotten myself into! It's going to be a brave new step. I decided I am going to do it. I quickly started looking for spandex/Dancewear fabric for the unitard. They run in the $9-$11 range and you need at least 4 yards of red and blue for AN&BN. Thats at least $75 GONE. At one point, I thought of just buying it for $19.99 instead of going through the pain of making it PLUS through the pain of having ruined $75 worth of fabric. Ha ha ha..what a confidence!

Keeping my fears aside, I went to Joann to see if I can get something for the costumes. To my delight, I found polyester knits for $2.29 a yard. I quickly got 8 yards of it and ran home. Now that I have found the fabric way cheaper than what I thought it would cost, I think I am going to do it. If it doesn't work out, all I have to loose is not-so-expensive fabric. I am sure I can handle that. Yes, I am going to do it.

OK, here is the plan. If anyone else wants to join me in making costumes, come on board.

Cut pieces using existing Pajama set by:   18-Sep

Appliqué and Sew tops by:                        24-Sep

Make bottoms by :                                    25-Sep

Assemble Unitards by:                              30-Sep

Make Capes by:                                       5-Oct

Appliqué Capes by:                                  5-Oct

Make Underwear for AN/Skirt for BN by:  10-Oct

Make Boots cutout (I am just going to sew it to the unitard) by: 19-Oct

That schedule looks good. I must try to stick to this schedule. I am going to cut up the pieces in 6 days!!! I will definitely post all the steps that I do, here.

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