Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Bird Call Dress

2010 will be history very soon. The kids are home for Winter break. Having a 7 year old and 2 year old runinng around, fighting for toys, nagging for TV time is a handful itself, along with that I am working fulltime from home.

Oh, and I almost forgot the blizzard that I mentioned in this post, by the time left, had gifted us 30 inches of snow. And that makes our car look like this.

In the midst of all this I couldn't resist cutting into this cute IKEA fabric.

I made this dress using a basic jumper pattern and adding sleeves to it. I lined it with matching chiffon.

and here's BN wearing the dress, I told her, it's the birdie dress. She absolutely loves to name clothes, the horsie shirt, the cute cats dress, now the birdie dress.

and here's BN jumping up and down the bed!

I got more fabric from Joann last night for Pajamas for BN. But not sure if I will be able to finish any of that this year. But I so want to come back for a final 2010 post. Till then.

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