Sunday, December 26, 2010

The snowflake and the bubble

Over the years Rockefeller Christmas tree and Saks 5th Ave video projection have been transformed into a kind of Holiday tradition around here. We do try to make it every year, so this year on Christmas eve day we trekked up there to see the lights. This year's 3D projection by SAKS 5TH AVE is one show you'd sure remember for the years to come, we'd, but then again because we see it almost every year and we tend to compare it with past years and judge and the verdict is not as good as 2008 show. Why can't we just enjoy? Here is a video of the whole ~ 3 min  show.

It goes every 10 or 15 minutes. No tickets, no charges, just lean on to one of the shop-walls across the street and enjoy. Very unlikely of NYC, you'd think, are we talking about the same city that charges $50 for it's museums and such. But then again, you have to applaud the Mayor and the city for keeping its parks clean for it's children, a public transportation system that runs almost smooth (hey no system is perfect), a public health insurance program that the self employed and uninsured can rely on so on and so forth.

OK, I know I am starting to get detoured a bit. The thing is when I talk about NYC, I remember the days I used to work in midtown Manhattan. Sure the commute was hell. But once you get there, its magic. That is until 4pm, after that you (by you I mean I) get a little restless thinking about getting home, picking up AN from the day care, if it's winter, getting the car dug out of the snow mountain before I can pick up AN so on and so forth. Until that 4pm you can take a break, walk the streets of the greatest city in the world, take a peek into the magical store windows displayed so meticulously, enjoy 100's of world's cuisines available with in the first 50 streets, oh well, I don't work in NYC anymore. The only trip to NYC I get is this yearly trekking to see the lights.

And guess what, the yearly Christmas blizzard is here. We haven't done our groceries for next week yet. Let me take a quick picture of what I see out of my window.

There you have it. It's falling at 1 inch an hour rate.

BN is hungry and did not have lunch yet. Time to get back to my motherly duties.

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