Thursday, December 23, 2010

What have we been up to?

Baking yum yum cup cakes, doing the mind boggling job of figuring out what would be the best gift for everybody on the list, wrapping gifts, BN unwrapping the gifts I wrapped, then a cranky me wrapping it again. Yeah, that's what we have been doing around here lately.

The whole week next week AN has winter break. I am going to have to work from home for the whole week. 2 demanding kids, a demanding job and my laptop and me in the middle. It's gotta be fun!

AN has another math test today. It's a day before Christmas eve and the last day of school before Winter break. I would say not a good time for a test. I hope he nails this one as he did the last one (checkplusplus, that school talk for 100%).

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