Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beginning of the end of 2010

Isn't it? December always comes with a perplexing look, making you wonder what you've accomplished in the last year. For so many, it's a time to finish up things. For some, it's time to use that treadmill they bought on January 10 so they can tell their spouses, hey I used it! For some it's time to think up some new resolutions for January 1st. I've been there in all these situations before, this year? I really am not sure what I want to do before the year comes to a close. OK, I will come back about that on another day, oh, definitely before January 1st, 2011. 

We've upgraded our camcorder to a Sony HDR CX-150 in black (I so wanted red, too bad SN dislikes accessories and the like in red) from Canon Optura 40.

I wasn't so crazy about it after the first look. Although it does shoot reasonably good HD quality video, transferring is a pain. You need the software that comes with it to watch it (Hey Sony, you can do better than that! Please...). It is so tiny, and not too fragile to handle. There is an in-built lens cap, which comes in handy.

We did try a Canon FS300, which could transfer videos like pictures (you know, you stick the memory card into computer slot and it transfers pictures without any extra software?) and play right away on your Windows Media Player. But the quality and image stabilization (a fancy term for keeping the video stable without blurring when objects move) sucked.

So we went after this one, SN's pick. I think I like it, except for the transferring part, because I am going to be the one doing the transferring :-(. I still have to figure out a lot of things with this one, our first Sony.

In sewing news, I have a little project on the way. Because of the two jumping monkeys in my household, it is very hard to find our TV remotes when we need it. Are you thinking remote caddy? I thought about that too, the trouble is, AN & BN are so good in climbing and reaching it no matter where you keep it. So the solution is a hanging caddy. I have the fabric and batting cut and ready, all I need is some time in front of the machine. If its successful, I will post a how to tutorial, or should I make a video tute, now that I have the HD camcorder?

Have a happy and cheerful Wednesday everybody!

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