Friday, December 3, 2010

Forgotten Tunic project

Finally! It's Friday.

This weekend I have every intent to finish the little accessory project I started last night. If it turns out lovely, I will make a couple and post a tutorial. I also want to start the long forgotten Indian Style Tunic Shirt project for AN. Remember? This style?

I completed a trial run, now is the time to start on the real stuff. I am looking at these two choices at

Oh, AN has a math test today and I am so nervous. He is in 1st grade and I shouldn't even care, but I have this thing with tests, always nervous and wondering about the results. Been always like that. Genes!

Have a good weekend every one!


  1. Forgotten tunic... well that reminds me of how many projects are there in my 'forgot' or 'abandoned' list...actually 2-3 immediately come to my mind.... oh i need to get back to them, thanks for the reminder. Happy weekend...